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1. Linked In

Linked In is the new way for professsionals and job seekers to network and find jobs. It is a unique social tool and can help create for you career connections and assist in giving you a strong online reputation. The free version of LinkedIn has many fantastic features.

If you are looking to change jobs or careers, it is a good idea to join Linked In and keep your profile updated for any possible snooping by an employer looking for suitable staff.

2. Indeed

There is a reason that Indeed is so popular. It is a job search engine and aggregates job listings from many recruitment and jobsites and makes them available through their job search engine. By doing this, it saves job seekers time and effort in discovering sources of jobs. When you apply to a job on Indeed, you will most likely be redirected to another search site to Ttheir focus is on delivering the best and most relevant search results to its millions of users.  It can be forgiven for choosing  functionality over brilliant visual design. By it phenomenal growth, clearly the guys at Indeed are doing something right!

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor's can be a very useful job recruitment website to use. It reveals a companies' recruitment practices and corporate culture. It can provide real assistance as a supplementary source of information once a candidate is narrowing down their option and to decide which corporate to approach to explore possible employment

Past and previous employees are able to anonymously rate the organisation across various areas including culture and values; work-life balance; senior management; compensation and benefits; and career opportunities.

The downside is that not all employers make it into the Glassdoor analysis or insight...

4. Upwork

Upwork professes to be the world’s largest online workplace supporting an active community of clients and freelancers. Most of the the clients of  Upwork clients say that competing online for jobs has assisted them to upskill, keep current and grow the income from the professional fees they charge.  For the clients most are happy with the quality and level of skill provided and will increase the amounts they will spend on hiring online.

Estimates are that they have over 950,000 clients and  4.53M skilled freelancers ready to assist with jobs. Upwork is thus a great platform for any freelancer to find opportunity and jobs and a great resouce for an organisation who needs skilled manpower to complete or assist with a task.

5. Monster is a long time contender in what is required for a good job searching websites.  It has many of the usual and familar job search functions.  They suggest that with Monster - "Aim Higher. Reach Farther. Dream Bigger". Monster is a great website to find jobs and the only shortcoming is that the ads sometimes get in the way and detract from the experience. 

Monster does not scraping them other job websites so their offering is fresh and exclusive.  It is possible to create a online profile with Monster and thereafter upload various resumes. For many job postings, you can click one button to apply with your profile instead of repeatedly filling out the same information on different portals. This simple feature saves countless hours of repetitive work.

6. Elance
7. Jobrapido
9. Splashfind
10. Simply Hired
11. Coffee Break Jobs
12. JobsDB
13. Dice
14. ZipRecruiter

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